Sunday, 9 September 2012


Mount Roraima, the flat table top mountain situated at the triple point border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana is truly a spectacular place. It is mostly unexplored because of its isolation from the rest of the place through steep cliffs on all sides. The place is said to contain species more ancient than the dinosaurs, because it was untouched and was not accessible. For example the black frog is one such species ancient than dinosaurs. The frog cant jump or hop, it has lost that ability because there are no predators. when touched the frog turns into a stone like pebble.

The place is covered with fog and mist almost all the time and it rains almost everyday all year round, causing flash floods and some of the highest waterfalls in the world, the ANGEL FALLs is located there, For more info on mt. Roraima just click on the wikipedia link provided here


Mount Roraima, Covered by clouds on all sides

The summit of mount RORAIMA is covered with strange patterns of rock formations and structures which appear as though they defy gravity

The famous angel falls located in this place

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Unlike conventional swimming pools natural swimming pools are more nature friendly and pleasing in nature. Nature lovers would love the idea of having a natural swimming pool as it is free from chemicals and also supports wildlife. Plants present in a natural swimming pool act as a natural filter thereby eliminating the use of chemicals and costly filters for purification. Also the equipment required for these pools are much less compared to normal swimming pools.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

World Military Powers

We live in a world were power means everything and the one who has the power holds the key to global domination, lets have a look at the top military powers of the world.

World Military Ranking

1. United States of America

2. Russia

3. China

4. India

5. United kingdom

6. Turkey

7. South Korea

8. France

9. Japan

10. Israel

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Aquascaping is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, cavework, or driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium in effect, gardening under water. Aquascape designs include a number of distinct styles, including the garden-like Dutch style and the Japanese-inspired nature style. Typically, an aquascape houses fish as well as plants, although it is possible to create an aquascape with plants only, or with rockwork or other hardscape and no plants.

It is a very interesting hobby and fun to watch the fish in the aquarium, effort is always made to make the aquascape look as natural as possible and make a miniature ecosystem like appearance.

A mountain like appearance of underwater aquarium, it looks like a mountain

Piranas in a zoo aquarium

Marine reef aquascape

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The Iguazu falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls anyone might have ever seen, this falls consists of over 275 falls varying between 60 to 82 meters height, this is a must watch place for nature lovers. The iguazu falls were formed as a result of an volcanic eruption, which left a large crack on the earth.  During the rainy season of November - March, the rate of flow of water going over the falls may reach 450,000 cubic feet (12,750 cubic m) per second.

Here are some pics of this magnificent falls.